Time: April 13, 2013 at 04:00 PM
Length: about 2 hours
Location: Shiffman 123

Event Staff


Tonight is the anniversary of the zodiac murders. Exactly twelve years ago, twelve people were murdered all on one night. Tonight, the spirits of the fallen rise and try to remember what happened to them ... and figure out where they go from here.


Star-crossed is a two hour game for twelve players. Players will be taking the roles of the murder victims in the zodiac murders. Their spirits have awakened, somewhat confused about how they died and with fragments of what they used to know of each other.

Expect a game of revenge, revelations, romance, forgiveness, and acceptance. Characters will all be written as gender neutral and players can decide what gender they want their character to be. That being said, there are romantic relationships in the game. If you are uncomfortable with a same gender romance plot, it might not be possible to avoid in a small game.


12 attendees
0 open slots: 0/12