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Time: April 13, 2013 at 02:00 PM
Length: about 4 hours
Location: Golding

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A (post-)cyberpunk game of forbidden love, intrigue, and conspiracy. The world is ruled by angelbots, artificial intelligences created to protect humans, at all cost. To do that, they've created rules: safety first, no matter what; no neural implants in humans or anything else leading to cyborg hybrids; no human-angelic romance. Now the archangels are meeting for a summit, and their emissaries as well as human politicians get to do politicking while ferreting out transgressors and neo-Luddite terrorists who want to overthrow the system.

The rumors say that the neo-Luddites are just disaffected people who kill old people - roughly anyone over 100 - on the theory that it's unnatural for humans to live too long. But you never know. The rumors say the discarded prototype angel is coming back with fresh scandals to hurl at the host archangel. But you never know. In most cities people don't see many angels and the entire system is mysterious. Seeing a neo-Luddite outside the movies is an experience so rare most people who have can sell books about it

The archangels present a united front, but who really knows what they do when others aren't looking? They say the fate of the world hangs in the balance, but they always do. Maybe they're just playing with humans in order to have their inscrutable power struggles.

Or maybe they're right this time?


Notes about the game:

Notes about the world:

For 600 years, since the neo-Luddite war, the Angelic Commonwealth has ruled the world. The seven angelbots, created to oversee humanity, took control and created lineages to run a government intended to avoid the wars and corruption of previous ages. With their rules of strict separation between humans and angels, total safety, and avoidance of war, they have created a benevolent dictatorship run by an angelic bureaucracy. Human life expectancy, already well over 100 before the Commonwealth, has been extended indefinitely, and is measured in the centuries. Accidents are unknown. The price has been loss of spontaneity and control for most humans. Most people alive were born under the Angelic Commonwealth, and the rest have lived so long their memories of pre-Commonwealth society are hazy.

Every 7 years, the 7 archangels meet at a summit. The actual event consists of formalities. The real action is elsewhere, where the representatives of the archangels get to meet with human politicians and petitioners in a less structured setting. Even in that world they recognize the advantages of spontaneity.


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