The Prince Comes of Age

Time: April 12, 2013 at 08:00 PM
Length: about 4 hours
Location: Shiffman

Event Staff


You have been cordially invited to celebrate the 18th birthday of Mavella’s Crown Prince Cessan Lucire! As you know, our most gracious Queen Enalia the Wise has but one heir, and as he grows older the task falls to him of choosing our next queen. Where will the prince’s eye wander tonight? Will you be among the charming young ladies on his dance card? Tensions are sure to be high at what can only be called the Social Event of the Season, where eligible bachelorettes from across the queendom and, indeed, the world will be in attendance, all vying for the attentions of our dashing Prince. But that’s not all – everyone who’s anyone among the young and powerful in Mavella are sure to be in attendance, including those renowned adventurers, The Famous Fairview Five! Empires can rise and fall in an instant on such a night as tonight, where all the young guests will surely be thinking primarily of important matters of state and business. Yes, the leaders of tomorrow will all be assembled together for a night of merrymaking and celebration, and no one knows for sure what kind of world we’ll all wake up in tomorrow. You really don’t want to miss this one!


The Prince Comes of Age is a four-hour game with a little politics, a little adventure, and a lot of teenage drama set against a magical high-fantasy backdrop.


20 attendees total: 8 male,12 female
0 open slots: 0/8 M, 0/12 F